i couldn’t find a founding fathers otome game so i took matters into my own hands


do you ever think about how little Michelangelo cared


i’m really sorry I was going to make this a decent comic but i forgot how to draw ;~;

using ancient greek like bad japanese - one of the simple pleasures of my life

femetruria’s design belongs to quatschmachen but I can’t remember how to draw her because the reference picture I had disappeared ;n;




Clock Tower, Ju-on, Silent Hill talent collaborate on “Project Scissors” ⊟

A new “spiritual successor” to the Clock Tower franchise was announced at TGS. Project Scissors, for Vita, iOS, and Android, features the work of Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kouno and his studio Nude Maker, along with Silent Hill creature designer Masahiro Ito and Ju-on film director Takashi Shimizu, the latter of whom will work on the story and a live-action trailer. Shimizu’s most recent credit is a Kiki’s Delivery Service movie, but, like, that doesn’t add as much horror cache as the Ju-on stuff.

"The game’s setting is a board a luxurious cruise liner in the middle of the ocean . As the ship sails across the deep blue ocean, a series of gruesome and mysterious murders begi ns to take place, including those of the ship’s crew . Soon the ocean liner is crippled and adrift at sea, and has become an inescapable trap for the passengers . As a passenger of the ship, the player will be tasked with solving the murder mystery to ensure their own survival as well as the rest of the ‘innocent’ passengers."

Gonna be spoopy!

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The most British British ever to have Britished.

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