Tughra (Official Signature) of Sultan Suleiman. Istanbul, Turkey. c. 1555-1560. Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper.


twitter user foxylalonde telling it like it is


Blackadder → Beer



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every time anyone characterises a male character who has canonically shown romantic interest in women as “gay 100% homosexual all about the dudes who likes girls ew! he’s definitely only into cisgender men!!!” i feel another strand of my hair turn to dragonscale

soon the transformation will be complete and the monster will emerge. the bi-wilderbeast. the levia-pan. the polygon



I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none


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Face Tutorial request part 2, now profile!

Just like faces in general, I usually eyeball the way I draw profiles. However, I do use these guidelines from time to time, but it’s just the way -I- do it. It might be odd or something for others, so feel free to change/add whatever you’d like if you decide to follow this tutorial! 

  1. Just draw a circle. As I’ve said on the previous tutorial, it doesn’t have to be even or symmetrical.
  2. Draw a “V” like form on the bottom (?) if the circle. You can change the form to rounder, more square, whatever… but take note that this will represent the general face shape. The bottom of the V pretty much represents the chin and jaw.
  3. Drawing the neck is the easiest thing ever for me. It’s basically two triangles, or two “v’s” overlapping each other. It gives you a believable shape. Of course, how long and thick the neck should be is up to you completely.
  4. Now draw a cross in.. somewhere in the middle of the circle and then add the nose by it’s horizontal line. The cross will help you place the eyes, ears and the jaw.
  5. This part is completely optional but I find it extremely useful. Draw a curve like the one pictured above. The reason I find it’s good is because it gives you a hint where the cheek should be placed, telling us where the eye can be drawn as well.
  6. Now you can finally draw out a simple drawing of the face. What I mean by simple, as stated in the previous tutorial, is that you don’t add any specific details, AKA “prettify it”, just yet. Just make sure you got the shapes down and so that you can see you finally got a face. Take note how I used the guidelines to create my face! Remember the lines are only GUIDElines. Never follow them on the spot or it’ll honestly ruin what you’re trying to accomplish. You just gotta eyeball it sometimes and let the artistic side have some fun, too. And ah, forgot to mention, the nose is usually the strongest point on the face. The chin us i usually the weakest. OF COURSE there are people with stronger chins, etc, and that’s fine! I’m just explaining the average face. Variate as much as you can, have fun!
  7. Now you can draw the details you want to give it character! Change anything you want until you’re happy. Keep fixing errors you see. (well, on a healthy level, of course.)
  8. And we’re done~

If you’re confused on how to draw around the mouth area, try thinking like this;

If you want to see my other tutorials I have done, click [HERE]! And let me know if you have any tutorial requests!

How to Draw the Face at the Front